Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Getting Culture Shock During My Travel

I am doing most of my time traveling around the countries to find some interesting news for my blog. I personally not doing it only for blogging, but also do it because of my hobby. There thousands of chance on getting the difference experience on doing it. I usually visited some countries more than once and there is always a new thing that I could find hidden on it. When visiting many difference countries, I always get a weird feeling that we called as “culture shock”. There are so many reasons why its happening and the most obvious reason is because the crash between two difference tradition that makes us confuse on choosing which one is better. I guess this is pretty normal because most of people ever feel it especially when they visit it for the first time. In Malaysia for example, beeping the sound around the street is not called as an impolite because it’s already part of their culture, but don’t do it on Japan or Korea because many people think it as an impolite way. Now the question, is it Malaysian tradition of beeping the sound is considered to be an impolite for them? The answer is no because its already becoming the root of their tradition.

We could not say that our tradition is better just because its considerably as impolite for us. It might be yes for us, but not for them. We cannot judge people culture is bad just because from its look and our perception. Everyone has their own opinion toward something and it would not the same like we have. That is why the only thing that we could is blend with the people around. Don’t push our culture too much because people would think it as egoist and you would be bad in the front of people.

I already see many of them during my travel and it’s pretty much interesting to see. The blend with our culture and their culture will make some new things that you never find anywhere before. This is called as the uniqueness and the originality of the tradition. You should really spend of your time on learning if you think someone tradition is bad. There are lots of things are visible in the outside, but there are more of them hidden in the inside. Hope you are enjoying this part of article and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Travelling By Bike – Should Or Should Not?

Traveling is one of the best ways to refresh our mind after spending so many frustrates times on your daily work. You do not have to spend much of your money to do it or even going as far as you can to enjoy a travel. Nowadays traveling using bike is becoming trend in New York and even around the world. The main reason it’s so happening because it is easy to do and do not need much money to spend. This type of traveling is not only good if you are a cyclist, but also its good for newcomer on biking. In Europe there have been traditions where people go cycling from one country to another country. It would be tough for us, but go cycling for short travel might be an interesting thing to do. I have tested to go for short track with my friend and it’s pretty enjoyable. For me the cycling itself is already a holiday because I could see many different things that I missed if I am using a car. I did not believe that there are so many things that I missed and cycling really show me how wonderful the world it is.

I packed everything last month to see how far that I could go. The road here is not too friendly with bike, but I still want to try it for myself. I checked every my gear, pack my rain coat and we are ready to go. We are cycling for almost 7 days and we visited so many cities. I did not believe that we are able to go this far because our first plant is only for 3 days. We see some groups that doing the same thing like us and decided to join with them. It’s easier to meet new people by biking and we can chat along the way to the destination. Few tips from me if you decided to make trip with your bike, first you don’t have to make any hotel reservation hotel before. You do not need worry because there are so many hotels you could go along the way. The second check your gear and make sure you are in good condition because it would be tough to get back. It was an interesting travel for me and it might also interest for you. I could not make any video during my travel, but I post someone video to see how fun it is.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Finding 5 Best 24” Gaming Monitor For New Experience in Viewing

We all know that there are many kinds of the nice computer monitor in the market. The monitors have different size and technology. The combination of size and technology of the monitor will influence the sense of viewing and operating computer. In this occasion, we will talk about the kinds of best 24-inch monitor. I am sure that this monitor can be the great choice for you because 24 inches is compact size. It also will provide the bright display for us. Now, let us see some choices of it below. I hope it can be the great options for you all.

Ultra Slim LED Digital Freeview 
For the first choice, here you can choose the Ultra Slim LED Digital Freeview, as your favorite monitor. This monitor is special with the combination of the great look and technology. In its appearance, it has ultra-slim look. Of course, it will renew the look of your old monitor. In other hand, the metallic color of it is also nice. The color of it will show the modern sense in your décor. For the shape, it has square shape for the classical sense. Now, let us see the technology inside this monitor.

In order to increase the use of it, the manufacture applies the HDMI, PC/VGA input and composite there. This monitor is also nice with the use of low power consumption. Based on the test of the manufacture, this monitor only needs less than 1.3 amp with 16 watts. See, how great it is and you will have no problem with your electricity. Here, the manufacture says that this monitor is nice to be used in several options. The options of it as Caravans, Motorhomes, HGVS, boats and others. How about the price? It is only around $150. Very nice option for you all!

BenQ GL2450HM LED TN Gaming Monitor under $200
BenQ is known as the one of the great manufacture of the monitor for computer. Here, it provides BenQ GL2450HM LED TN, which can be your choice. It is one of the good monitor for your computer, especially for the kind of simple monitor. BenQ still uses the black as the basic color of the frame. The use of black here is nice to increase the classical look of it. In other hand, this monitor is also nice in its display. It has 1920 x 1080 pixels density for the sharp image. Then, the 24-inch will provide the widescreen look - Best monitor at computer3g.com .

How about the other tech inside this monitor? Here, the manufacture gives the high dynamic contrast inside the monitor. The dynamic contrast will be nice to increase the quality of the display. Then, to increase the performance and function of it, there is HDMI and HDCP support there. I am sure that people will be amazed with the built-in speaker there. This speaker has high quality to build a home-cinema. Then, the flicker-free backlight is applied. The use of it is to increase the pleasure of visualization. How about the price? The price of this nice monitor is around $150.

Acer S240HLBID

The third choice of the great monitor, which can be the special choice, is the Acer S240HLBID. Yes, this monitor can be the special modern monitor to be applied at home. What make this monitor special is the combination of look and tech there. We know that Acer is one of the great manufacture of monitor. Acer here always tries to give the best product to pleasant their customer. This monitor is special with the use of LED widescreen display for the great look. In other hand, it has HDMI port to increase its performance.

How about the design of it? Here, the manufacture applies the thin design of the monitor. The thin monitor here is nice because it will save the space of your furniture. In other hand, the thin of it also will make it is easy to be brought. For the response time, it only needs 5ms and 250nits in brightness. Then, the brightness of this monitor is easy to be adjusted by the use of Acer contrast manager inside it. By the detail of the specs of monitor, I recommend you to choose it. Then, how about its price? The price is around $150.

Asus VG248QE

For the other choice, seeing Asus best gaming monitor under 300 VG248QE can be the great option for you. Asus is one of the special manufacture with the kind of modern product. The product of Asus is special with the combination of nice look and tech. Here, the manufacture applies the great and thin monitor. The thin shape of the monitor is nice to save the space in the table. Then, it is also light in weight, so people will be easy to bring it. The square shape with the black frame increase the modern of its look. How great it is!

Let us see the technology of it. Here, the manufacture applies the splendid video intelligence technology. It is one of the great technology of the monitor, which can optimize the look of video. By this technology, people will have the sharper look in the display. In other hand, the Asus smart contrast ratio also increase the quality of the display. I am sure that people will be easy to adjust the contrast of the screen. Then, for the maintenance, the manufacture gives the lifetime warranty. The price of it is around $250. It will be great option for you all.

Samsung LT24D390SW/XU T24D390SW

Here, Samsung LT24D390SW/XU T24D390SW can be the last choice in choosing the great monitor for you. We all know that Samsung is also one of the good manufacture, which provide high quality product. This monitor is special with the black as the basic color of it. The black provides the high sense in classical. In other hand, the LED backlight tech inside this monitor is also nice. It will provide the sharp display. The sharp display of this monitor is increased by the 1920 x 1080 pixels in its resolution. I am sure that you will have new experience in viewing.

Something special that you need to know inside this best 24-inch monitor is the built-in speaker. Inside this monitor, the manufacture applies speaker 2 power audio. It is one of the new developments from the previous version. The additional speaker here is great because it will provide the clean sound for you. When choosing this product, people will get some accessories special from the manufacture. Then, a year full warranty is given as the maintenance way of this product. The price of it is only around $200. Renew your viewing with this monitor!

Best 24-inch monitor provides some choices for you. See the detail of each monitor and make some comparisons to find the best monitor, as you want.

The Simple Ways for Increasing the Writing and Speaking Skill


The ability of writing and speaking is the important ability of people since that can be the difference between human and animals. However, every people have the different level or grade of writing and speaking. The higher is the ability of that, the higher too the social status of people nowadays. That becomes the reason why it is important for you today to have the high grade of writing and speaking ability. Some simple ways can be proposed for gaining that purpose. You do not need to feel afraid any more about that since it is easy to be practiced by everyone.

Learning actually is the best way for increasing the writing and speaking skill. However, it can give you more problem too since you will give the other question about what must be learned. The aspect must be learned for writing is different with the aspect must be learned for increasing your speaking. Because of that, you must be focus too between increasing which side. You can choose for example to increase your writing skill and then you speaking skill or in contrary.

Nowadays you can find so many places where you can get the course of writing or speaking. The budget must be prepared for getting it also can be the low one. The variations of the prices must be paid also show the variations of the course output guaranteed. Some of the places just offer the basic skill of writing while some others offer the advanced and the high grade of writing and speaking skill.

When you are choosing one of them, to avoid the confused feeling in choosing, you can choose the most expert one. The way for choosing it is simple that can be done based on the popularity. The most popular one is commonly the best one. Finding the popular one is easy since that can be gained from the news listened. There is commonly the guarantee offered by the place of the course about the quality.

One other important thing to be noticed about the way for increasing the ability of writing and speaking is the aspect of the habit. People who have the high habit of writing and speaking can have the higher skill too in writing and speaking. The track record is really needed for making sure about your ability in these two fields. So, even if you are taking the course, it will be useless when you do not train yourself for writing and speaking.

Increasing the skill of writing and speaking can be done by taking course. Then, it also can be gained by increasing the track record.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Indoor Grill Under 500: Why Should We Go With This Grill?

Grills do vary in its kind. Furthermore, each kind of grills is made to serve for certain needs. However, even among those grill kinds; there is the one that is good to go with. We are talking about something good to go to cook in the kitchen. So, you must have known that what we are talking about is none other than the indoor grill itself. Even indoor grill under $500 does come as either gas or electric fueled one. What does it take for us to go with it anyway? Then, let’s just see it here. We have 5 points you need to know about indoor grill. They are something you should not ignore of it.

Eliminate the Hassle of Cooking Foods Manually
First of all, we would say that indoor grills truly are amazing in their work. It is practical cooking appliance that eliminates the troubles of cooking manually. We are talking about cooking with charcoal or wood chips here. Such kind of manual cooking ways is considered to be such a pain in these modern days. People today would wish to cook something without having to light up charcoal, dried leaves or branches, or even wood. So, indoor grill comes as alternative to answer your needs.


How come? It is because indoor grill is either fueled by gas or electricity, as it was said earlier. As long as you have either propane or natural gas, or electricity, you would be able to cook in more convenient way. Of course, it would even be faster this way too. There will be no need to look for charcoal or wood. Indoor grill is here to offer everything you need. You can expect no less from this cooking appliance, indeed. Indoor cooking will be lots of fun at home. So, it really is good to go with.

No Need to Expect for Good Weather to Grill
You know that it is fun to grill your foods outdoor. However, even something as great as this would make you think twice when it comes to certain thing. This thing is the main obstacle of doing activity outside the house. Yes, it would none other than the weather. You can only use outdoor grill when the weather is good. There is no way you can cook while the rains wetting your foods. Thus, outdoor grill is not always great in all sorts of situations. However, indoor grill can be better in such occasion.

As the name suggests, you can only use that grill inside the house. Even so, since you are inside building, you will be protected by any weather condition. To be honest, it might just be handier this way. If you can cook inside with no problem of weather, why you want to cook outside when there is bad weather. Well, sure, outdoor grill is a fun change of pace and great for outdoor party. However, indoor one won’t let you worry about something other than grilling itself. It is nice to cook with it.

Give You Healthier Cooked, Grilled Foods to Eat
You might never think that much about it before. However, we can say that indoor grills can offer healthier foods for you. Of course, they are healthy for they can be evenly cooked and grilled in this kind of cooking appliances. However, even indoor grill under 500 is not as simple as that only. Did you know? Indoor grills have the ability to allow the grease to drain off the cooking surface. By allowing such thing, they become capable of making the foods have less fat and fewer calories.


You know that it won’t be the case in foods that are cooked with grease, right? Indoor grills are made by consider this important thing. So, by lessening the fat and calories, they can give you the foods that are healthier to eat. Rather than frying meat with grease on frying pan, grilling it with indoor grill proves to be better. You see, the things we eat affect directly to our health and even our mood. That is why if you can keep your meals healthy, it means that you keep yourself healthy too.

Provide Two Nice Models to Choose One From
Speaking about indoor grill, we won’t let you be unknown about how it looks here. You see, what so great about indoor grill is that there are two models of it that you can choose. First, there is countertop indoor grill model. As the name suggests, this model is the one designed to sit on the countertop. The heating element in this grill is hidden inside, but would surely be able to offer the heat evenly for all cooking surfaces of the grill. It is often electric fueled, so you can cook smokeless.

Second, there is stovetop indoor grill model too. Rather than sitting on the countertop, this model is meant to fit over either an electric or gas range burner. The grilling surface in this model is evenly heated by using stovetop temperature controls and power sources. Also, in this grill, you will get heat shield that will give protection against grease and drips. Be sure to remember that this grill is not meant for glass cook tops. Even with that, indoor grill sure offers great choices to choose for us.

Get You Worthy Features to Help Your Grilling
From the discussion above, you know that there are two kinds of model offered by indoor grill. Need to be known, each model has its own features to offer. Of course, each feature is meant to help you with something. Countertop indoor grill model for example, features aroma scenter, cover, drip pans, grease tray, indicator light, lids, non-scratch sponge, non-skid, plates, power switch, removable parts, spatula, and temperature controls. See? There sure are many features in this kind of models.

Of course, even the stovetop indoor grill model is also one full of reliable features as well. What do you think you can get from it then? You see, if it is stovetop indoor grill that you choose, you will be sure to get color options, covers, drip tray, dual burners, and smokeless. This model should just be as reliable as the countertop indoor grill earlier. You will surely get the best grilling experience ever even with indoor gas grill under $500 . So, why do you hesitate of buying it if you can get such good deal from it? Indoor grill sure is worth to spend every of your money. You will be glad to work with it.