Friday, July 21, 2017

The Best Time For Visiting Vietnam


Have you been on south East Asia before? If no then you should really visit some countries on this region. You are not only getting the best travel area, but also you would get the difference experience that you will never feel before. I personally love these kinds of countries for some reasons. The first is because they have their unique culture that difference to each other and do not forget about their travel destination which is really good.

One of the best countries that you should visit is Vietnam. The best time to visit Vietnam is around February and August. This is best because at that time the weather and temperature seems moderate than any other months. The weather is not too dry or wet and that is the best time to visit of their great landmark. If you truly to visit some of areas there, then you have to put much effort here since Vietnam is a very big country. The country itself is over 1000 KM in term of length and you would feel lost when you arrive there. You could travel around the destination that I would put here.


The first place that you need to visit would be Sapa. The place is located on the north Vietnam and the climate here is very cold winter and could be really hot on summer. The best time to visit this place should be on March and April, never ever go there on July or August because you are not going to get good experience at that time. If you really want to get warmer weather, the other choice would be on November or October.


There is no rule for visiting some beaches on the Vietnam since it would be back on the each beach itself. Before you depart here, make sure to check some info on the internet. There are lots of sites that going to tell you which one and when is the best to visit them. There are lots of choices, so do not afraid of running of the places here.


Saigon is the last place that I would recommend. The city here is very big and you could see some big landmarks here. The weather is very good here and the chance it is going to be raining is very less here, so you can enjoy it on the whole year. Just find a great time and visit it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Getting Culture Shock During My Travel

I am doing most of my time traveling around the countries to find some interesting news for my blog. I personally not doing it only for blogging, but also do it because of my hobby. There thousands of chance on getting the difference experience on doing it. I usually visited some countries more than once and there is always a new thing that I could find hidden on it. When visiting many difference countries, I always get a weird feeling that we called as “culture shock”. There are so many reasons why its happening and the most obvious reason is because the crash between two difference tradition that makes us confuse on choosing which one is better. I guess this is pretty normal because most of people ever feel it especially when they visit it for the first time. In Malaysia for example, beeping the sound around the street is not called as an impolite because it’s already part of their culture, but don’t do it on Japan or Korea because many people think it as an impolite way. Now the question, is it Malaysian tradition of beeping the sound is considered to be an impolite for them? The answer is no because its already becoming the root of their tradition.

We could not say that our tradition is better just because its considerably as impolite for us. It might be yes for us, but not for them. We cannot judge people culture is bad just because from its look and our perception. Everyone has their own opinion toward something and it would not the same like we have. That is why the only thing that we could is blend with the people around. Don’t push our culture too much because people would think it as egoist and you would be bad in the front of people.

I already see many of them during my travel and it’s pretty much interesting to see. The blend with our culture and their culture will make some new things that you never find anywhere before. This is called as the uniqueness and the originality of the tradition. You should really spend of your time on learning if you think someone tradition is bad. There are lots of things are visible in the outside, but there are more of them hidden in the inside. Hope you are enjoying this part of article and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Travelling By Bike – Should Or Should Not?

Traveling is one of the best ways to refresh our mind after spending so many frustrates times on your daily work. You do not have to spend much of your money to do it or even going as far as you can to enjoy a travel. Nowadays traveling using bike is becoming trend in New York and even around the world. The main reason it’s so happening because it is easy to do and do not need much money to spend. This type of traveling is not only good if you are a cyclist, but also its good for newcomer on biking. In Europe there have been traditions where people go cycling from one country to another country. It would be tough for us, but go cycling for short travel might be an interesting thing to do. I have tested to go for short track with my friend and it’s pretty enjoyable. For me the cycling itself is already a holiday because I could see many different things that I missed if I am using a car. I did not believe that there are so many things that I missed and cycling really show me how wonderful the world it is.

I packed everything last month to see how far that I could go. The road here is not too friendly with bike, but I still want to try it for myself. I checked every my gear, pack my rain coat and we are ready to go. We are cycling for almost 7 days and we visited so many cities. I did not believe that we are able to go this far because our first plant is only for 3 days. We see some groups that doing the same thing like us and decided to join with them. It’s easier to meet new people by biking and we can chat along the way to the destination. Few tips from me if you decided to make trip with your bike, first you don’t have to make any hotel reservation hotel before. You do not need worry because there are so many hotels you could go along the way. The second check your gear and make sure you are in good condition because it would be tough to get back. It was an interesting travel for me and it might also interest for you. I could not make any video during my travel, but I post someone video to see how fun it is.