Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Getting Culture Shock During My Travel

I am doing most of my time traveling around the countries to find some interesting news for my blog. I personally not doing it only for blogging, but also do it because of my hobby. There thousands of chance on getting the difference experience on doing it. I usually visited some countries more than once and there is always a new thing that I could find hidden on it. When visiting many difference countries, I always get a weird feeling that we called as “culture shock”. There are so many reasons why its happening and the most obvious reason is because the crash between two difference tradition that makes us confuse on choosing which one is better. I guess this is pretty normal because most of people ever feel it especially when they visit it for the first time. In Malaysia for example, beeping the sound around the street is not called as an impolite because it’s already part of their culture, but don’t do it on Japan or Korea because many people think it as an impolite way. Now the question, is it Malaysian tradition of beeping the sound is considered to be an impolite for them? The answer is no because its already becoming the root of their tradition.

We could not say that our tradition is better just because its considerably as impolite for us. It might be yes for us, but not for them. We cannot judge people culture is bad just because from its look and our perception. Everyone has their own opinion toward something and it would not the same like we have. That is why the only thing that we could is blend with the people around. Don’t push our culture too much because people would think it as egoist and you would be bad in the front of people.

I already see many of them during my travel and it’s pretty much interesting to see. The blend with our culture and their culture will make some new things that you never find anywhere before. This is called as the uniqueness and the originality of the tradition. You should really spend of your time on learning if you think someone tradition is bad. There are lots of things are visible in the outside, but there are more of them hidden in the inside. Hope you are enjoying this part of article and thanks for reading.