Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Advantages Of Using Electric Smoker


Technology has improved really great on these couple years. Smartphone, television and other technologies gadgets are becoming more advance and smarter. They could almost do everything that we never see before. One of the most interested developments that we could see on technology development is on the smoker machine. Yeah, even now the smoker machine also becoming more advance and more efficient. Now we do not need to prepare some extra things just for a barbeque party. If you are really beginner on barbequing and grilling, I really suggest you to use this one as a good starter before you jump it to more advance process. Below, I would put some pros or advantages of using electric smoker that might interest you to take look at it.

It Does Not Take Lot Of Electricity

The electricity usage of electric smoker is not actually really bad that most people are talking about. Many people worried on using this machine because they are electricity bill would go like a rocket. If you really consider the bill, I really have to tell you that the machine only takes around 800 watt usages for one hour. It is not that bad right? So if you are doing a barbeque party for 5 hours means that you only have use 3500 watt.

Remember that you are doing it every day and it only happens on a week or even a once. I could say that the operating cost is not that bad that you should worry. You do not have to worry of paying big on your bill because it is pretty cheap. Technology development is moving really fast and there is a huge chance that we can even see more efficient machine in couple years.

Good For Beginner

This is probably of most people want. Not every person is good on this kind of thing that is why picking it as the beginner machine is good for you. There are some good things that a beginner that can have here. First, you do not need to monitor it every time to keep the fire or you have to add the fuel. On the charcoal smoker for example, you really have to monitor it all of the time in maintaining the fire on getting the best result for your meats. Second, you are free to do anything on your party without worrying on your meat and you only need to get the meat when its ready.

Clean Energy

You probably know that electricity might be our cleanest energy source that not even dangerous to the environment. This is what you can do by using this machine. No more annoying smokes and less contaminated foods. One thing that you should know note here is the taste, it is not the best that you could get here since the flavor is not that natural, but it still does not taste too bad.

It Is Lot More Safer

We could not deny that using this type of smoker is feel safer than any other type of smoker including gas smoker. At the first time I tried it, I was so afraid of using a gas smoker since the component itself is really open to the fire. That is why we have to be extra carefully on using it and it might not too suitable for many people. Using Electric smoker is much difference since it does not being exposed to anything.

Thermostat Feature

Having a really good taste meat it’s really depended on the temperature. Choosing the right temperature for meat is must if you want get the best result. Here, you could get fully control to your temperature by adjusting it a little. You could decrease or increase it easily without put much worry on it. Some models such as Smokin it model 2 is having this kind of feature.

Easy To Clean And Sturdy

One of the biggest advantages that it has, we can easily clean it thanks to the material which is mostly made from the stainless. You just have to wipe it and it would be clean in short time without needed to scrub it unless on special cases. Remember to always clean it after you use it and it feels effortless here.

I also feel that the material feels sturdier since it has steel legs to support it. I am 100 % sure that it would not easily knocked up and we can even leave it overnight without worrying any distraction for it.


Now you can start comparing which one of smoker that really fit to your needs. Gas, Charcoal, or Electric smokers are your choices. But, I really recommend to use electric one because it is much easier to use and good for a starter. There are so many advantages that we are able to get from it. Once, you mastering this type of smoker, then you are able to start into more advance technique on other smokers.