Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Best Electric Shaver for the Remarkable Result

Electrical power turns into major utilization because it offers many advantages. From the small up to the big and complicated installation devices use this source of energy. The best electric shaver incorporates battery to generate power. You just need to turn this device on before starting to shave. In this article, you will get useful information about electric shaver such as the advantages, buyer’s guide, and product specifications

The main reason why men take this shaver is about the benefits. Traditional razor requires hand force to cut the hair and it is difficult to control at sensitive location. The obvious example is shaving the sideburns or the hair near ears. One miscalculation will suffer your facial skin such as irritation, scratch mark, or external inflammation. Research showed how conventional shaver brings many problems on men skin just because it is made in low quality material. On contrary, electric shaver needs high-grade stainless steel to match with installation. Manufacturer invests much money in product developments to bring the excellent result for customers.


In addition, electric shaver uses motor to make cutting process easily. You just put this device directly on face then move downward alongside the face contour. It is safe when you reach neck or ears. Razor movement depends on the flexible head which has ability to gain more than ten thousand cut per minute. It is very effective if you need quick shaving in the morning. Besides dry mode, you can use electric shaver in wet condition. You do not have to worry about electrical shock when this device touch water or sink into bathtub. Strong and waterproof cover prevent main system from external contact such as water and dust. You might need water to wash head part to get rid of some shaving residue.

Tips for Buying the Best Electric Shaver
Buying right shaver is not difficult if you know some tips. For beginner, you should take time to read and gain more information before deciding to buy it at store. It is the first tip or buyer’s guide. You can conduct small research for electric device. Nowadays, everything can be found easily through internet. You can visit official website of certain brand then look thoroughly for specifications. From one brand to others, you should make a fair comparison. Remember to put aside the price for a while because it will make a bias comparison. Generally, manufacturer offers several level of product ranging from regular, medium to premium one. You can use this category as starting point to compare the products.

After you are done to conduct research, the next tip is declaring your needs. You need electric shaver for wet, dry or both. Most of products are wet and dry device, so they are very flexible in any situation. Standard device is enough for basic shaving and trimming. If you need more features, buying premium product is quite recommended as long as the basic need is already fulfilled. Premium in this term is not flashy design, but it has feature which standard does not.

The next tip is to check purchasing package. For wet shaving, you need foam or gel, so this stuff is a part of your package or you should buy it separately. Several stores provide complete shaving product as one package to attract more customers. You can buy this product to save time as using the foam from different manufacturers might get trouble in compatibility. Furthermore, electric shaver is like traditional razor which has to be replaced after the blade is getting dull. Spare part availability is very crucial. You cannot use different blade from another manufacturer. Therefore, checking everything thoroughly is very important.

Another tip to buy best electric shaver is choosing the top selling product or popular manufacturer. This tip comes in handy for beginner or customer who lack of information. Product on top selling list proves to be customer favorite and it matches for everyone. If everyone like this thing, you might feel similar. It is like following where water will flow or go to wherever majority will go. This principle is similar for popular brand. People know certain brand because it has been on bestseller or from marketing strategy. After you gain more experience, the choice of electric shaver will go smaller and the only handful device can satisfy your need.

Top Grade Products for the Best Electric Shaver
One of top electric shaver is Braun 7 Series. It is very popular because it offers many features. Manufacturer puts technology called Sonic to provide the precise cutting. Head part can cut up to ten thousand cutting in one minute. This device saves your time when you need quick shaving in excellent result. Interesting feature from this device is shaving mode for users. There are several levels to adjust your skin contour and sensitivity. If you need clean cut, use extreme level then back to smooth after the hairs are already gone. For final touch, you can open trimmer part then trim sideburns on low neck.

7 series consists of several products from standard to premium. Basic specifications are similar such as wet-dry mode, waterproof, and rechargeable battery. For premium product, you will get gel to support the wet shaving. It is alcohol based liquid and hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for any skin condition. This device uses visible indicator to shows several signs such as cutting level, battery capacity, charging status, and razor condition.


In addition, Panasonic Arc3 is one of top selling product. It has many features to fulfill what you need the most in shaving. It contains flexible head and fast motor to deliver precise cutting. Blade is made of high quality stainless to maintain the durability and prevent corrosive stain. Moreover, it is non-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You just need to activate motor then let the head part do the rest of process smoothly. For tight and difficult spots, this device can handle them properly.

Manufacturer claims this product can cut nearly twice of competitor at the same category. This capability comes from blade configuration to adjust the skin contour. Move downward from jaw and chin to neck slowly while shaving. Another feature is trimmer to give final change after shaving. This device can be used for wet or dry mode. In full capacity, you can shave more than an hour and recharge again when the indicator is at low level. The attractive part of this product is LCD display to present several indicators. You can monitor battery status and blade condition for further maintenance. As part of the best electric shaver, this device is definitely the right choice.